Welcome to Computational AeroPropulsion Laboratory (CAPL)

About Us

We are Computational AeroPropulsion Laboratory (CAPL) from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas. We build computational models for aerospace propulsion.

Our Vision

The CAPL aims to develop a comprehensive modeling hierarchy for complex fluid phenomena (e.g. turbulent reacting flow) in aerospace propulsion (e.g. rocket, gas turbine engines and etc.). Specifically, our research focuses on two areas:

  1. Physics-Driven Modeling - develop advanced CFD methods based on the first principles to enhance the fidelity of the computational models and improve the knowledge of the physical processes in complex reacting flows
  2. Data-Driven Modeling - develop a data-driven-method-based modeling framework to build fast and accurate reduced models (e.g. Reduced-Order Model) for many-query applications (e.g. control, design, optimization and etc.) in real engineering problems

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